Wake – “The Fifth Finger” EP

OUT August 21, 2012

Wake will release The Fifth Finger, the follow up to his debut EP Oakland Blackouts, on August 21st 2012, as a digital EP.

“The Fifth Finger is a collection of songs started years ago, and finished recently. This EP is an attempt to balance square wave funk-hop with songwriting and alternative production techniques. They’re my try at “gangster” beats, created with the intention of “not giving a fuck.” The tracks on The Fifth Finger are a marriage of early 2000s glitch-hop, 80s dance music, music from the underground MOD community, and odd-ball electro-pop. Made from samples of analog gear and sequenced in MOD trackers, they are purely electronic tunes– sequenced, mixed, and edited “in the box.” They hope to be off kilter, goofy, glitchy, hard beats with a punk intention. Square-Wave music to rock your speakers.” – Wake

The Fifth Finger EP

1. ButtaBump (EP Mix)
2. Sunday at Gunpoint
3. Screw
4. Violently
5. Squarefunk

About Wake

Matthew Michael Ahern Hettich is Wake. Wake draws his influences from flamingos, pink and purple, Roland Tr-808 drum machines, and late night handholding sessions on the beach. Having spent his early years in Miami, Florida, Wake is a product of suntans, booty shorts, and of a lifetime of obsessing over I.D.M., hip-hop, and 1980’s electro music. By using MOD Trackers and custom software Wake attempts to fuse all of these elements into a complex, coherent, and unique musical style. Whether he is writing music or performing it, Wake hopes to transport listeners to a cloud city in the sky, one full of beach parties, robot lovers, and inhuman music. Wake holds degrees in Electronic Music Composition from California Institute of the Arts and and Mills College and is currently dividing his time between Oakland, California and the future.

Wake in the Press

Wake has a crisp sound that incorporates less ambient noise and more G-funk than the more well-known producers from the area…While the rest are experimenting with synthesizing dream states, Wake is just making chunky beats that require neck braces.
- MTV Iggy

Someone ought to pass on Wake’s number to Q-Tip.
- LA Times

About Proximal Records

Proximal Records is a Los Angeles based independent record label with a mission of supporting and promoting vibrant new voices in the local electronic music community. The brain-child of L.A. natives Carl Madison Burgin, better known as Sahy Uhns, and composer/ producer Jeff Elmassian, Proximal provides a home for local artists to connect and collaborate. With vision, talent and a commitment to the city of Los Angeles, Proximal Records will always be a step apart and a step ahead.

Their debut release, Proximity One: Narrative of a City, was a highly-regarded Los Angeles electronic compilation featuring L.A. staples such as DaM-FunK and Daedelus, current beat-makers such as Teebs and TOKiMonsta, and Proximal’s own roster. It was featured as a First Listen on NPR and nominated for an Independent Music Award for Best Compilation. Follow-up releases have included Proximity One: Narrative Remixes, Benedek’s That’s My Jam! EP featuring Dam-Funk, and the debut full-length record from label head Sahy Uhns, An Intolerant Disdain Of Underlings that was nominated as Best Dance Album at the Independent Music Awards.

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