UNA’S Noise of the Wing is out February 6th.

When UNA decided to craft some songs for their next release, their first full length in three years, they were thinking about aiming for something more palatable to wider audience. Then they realized as DJ Eddie Barajas put it, “that’s just not us”.

Previously UNA was called Exotica, and Trip Hop was referenced too. Responses from College Radio included “odd use of sound” and “kinda weird”, which the band took to heart. They considered settling for a more acceptable and mainstream sound, but after being compared to the likes of Agnes Obel and Chet Faker (a couple of their faves), they opted to stay the course. “Sometimes people think we’re weird and we embrace that” according to Jennifer Nice, vocalist.

This summer, UNA released "Last Time I Saw You," which is the lead single from the quartet’s new LP, Noise of the Wing. A wistful tale of lost love and personal drama for sure.

UNA has received praise from such influential outlets as CMJ (God bless their souls), Spinner, MTV Hive, and others. “If you want to know what James Bond would sound like in a musical notation sense, with some added flair, then take a listen,” wrote SoundCloud.

Keyboardist and producer Richard Larsen says “We love noise, we’ve always loved noise, almost more than music” He continues, “like other hard to find things, you have to get down to the essentials.” Drummer, guitarist Scott Eric Olivier points out “We got with an acoustician, made custom cables, had a lot of crazy things fabricated in the studio, and now we only put in our noise.” Richard adds, “There’s a lovely ruckus on our tracks, noise we spent a lot of money, time and effort creating”.

Like a tussle with the wind, UNA is on the delicate edge of sound that they’ve been honing through many tracks, many years, to get this balance of voice, instrument, and noise.