After 10 years, 3 albums, 4 EPs, 7 videos, a 2005 MuchFact top video nod, a 2008 MMVA video award nomination (Best Rap Video), critical acclaim in The Source, NOW Magazine, Okay Player (amongst others) and proven #1 singles on the college radio circuit, Tru-Paz have established themselves as credible veterans in Canadian Hip Hop.  Akim, Boozie, and Dj Unknown have proven that chemistry matters when making music, as the trio have carved out a unique, lush, melodic sound infused with reggae, soul, new wave and funk influences.  

Yet, after all these years, the group is still growing, and has added the soulful and sultry vocals of Jakie Lu to the group.  The addition of a female vocal presence in unison with Boozie’s vocals, provide incredible harmonies and complementary melodies that take the already powerful Tru-Paz sound to a new, higher level.
It is with this new, unrestrained passion that the foursome has approached the creation of their fourth studio album, TRU TO THE GAME WITHOUT A PAUSE.  The group has never compromised their message, their principles, or their artistic integrity with their past releases despite pressure to conform to the mainstream hip hop movement, and they have no intention of changing that pattern of behaviour.

If there is one thing that the group does want to push to the forefront of their musical creations, it is honesty. The music, the lyrics, and the overall sound all embody a deep, personal honesty from all members of the group.  The vocals touch personal subjects such as being a parent, struggling to succeed, losing loved ones, and over-coming adversity.  Yet the music also possesses an uninhibited joy as well, exploring themes such as hope, love, friendship, loyalty and freedom.

Ultimately, Tru-Paz strive to bring something to the table that many people feel much of today’s modern hip hop lacks – maturity.  Tru-Paz are four adults, with children, jobs, homes, responsibilities and careers that keep them grounded in a reality that the majority of adults in today’s society share.
With Tru-Paz, there is no fantasy-land, no empty imagery, and no false pretenses – only truth.  True music; true lyrics; true happiness; true life; true to the game without a pause – Tru-Paz.

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