Soul Inscribed

Soul Inscribed


The New York-based four-piece band Soul Inscribed mixes up a heady brew of Hip Hop poetics and sultry R&B/Soul vocals, propelled by a sonic blend of Jazz, Funk and Dub instrumentals.

Featuring MC/producer Baba Israel, vocalist Duv, saxophonist/flutist Sean Nowell and multi-instrumentalist/producer Yako 440 on guitar and bass (which he often plays simultaneously on stage), Soul Inscribed flows seamlessly between crafted songs and improvisation grounded in the traditions of Jazz and Hip Hop. All four members are also human beatboxers who weave dynamic vocal percussion into their shows.

“Soul Inscribed is New York. It is your parent’s record collection remixed for today. It is The Bronx, Soho, Birmingham, and New Haven meeting on a Brooklyn corner. Soul Inscribed is both vintage and right now. It is live instruments. It is years of practice. It is notebooks full of songs. It is cutting edge technology dropping beats and looping live. Soul Inscribed is an experience. No show is ever the same. It is the improvisation of Jazz, the freestyle of Hip Hop and the energy of the audience sharing its collective soul. Soul Inscribed is just that: It is capturing the soul of music and inscribing it on record, online, and on stage.”   - Baba Israel

In 2016, Soul Inscribed has been selected to participate in the State Department’s “American Music Abroad” program touring Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Mauritius as cultural ambassadors.  Their eponymous debut studio album, set to release on February 5th, pays homage to the rare groove sounds they love and explores future soul with remixes from DJ Kiva (Adios Babylon Studios) and Dan West (Cooking on Three Burners) along with a soulful boom bap remix from New Zealand’s legendary DJ and Producer P-Money.

For more info please contact, 323.254.4027.