Curators of style, substance and sonic bad ass with a mission to keep the vibe forward stand ROYAL.

Devon Lee and mikeflo : Two intriguing and multifaceted enigmas. Both dabble in modeling, are active brand ambassadors and have an honest and organic flair for fashion and aesthetics. Whether it be a healthy lust for premium denim and designer chucks, a yearning for the sound of the pipes in vintage American muscle cars, or a love for world history and community organizing, ROYAL defies all boxed categories by simply checking "other."

Preserving the community and creative culture is of huge importance to ROYAL. Emcee, style maven and freshmaker mikeflo, also DJ for the revolutionary hiphop duo dead prez for the last decade, especially recognizes how vital ROYAL'S presence is in today's scene. "The people want the vibe to look fly and fly free. The culture has to have style AND substance so that it can progressively influence, and sustain over time."

The setting features the sexy resurgence of Atlanta's historic Old 4th Ward as the backdrop and the soundtrack is a lovely mashup of rock, soul, hip hop and funk...making for some of the rarest yet familiar grooves. The area has become one of the city's latest hot spots for clubs and lounges, all the while nestled in between one of America's most consistently visited tourist destinations, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site.

Pal's lounge in the Old 4th Ward is the spot where ROYAL hosts their weekly session with some of their uber talented buddies, who happen to be some of the most renowned musicians on the planet. The legendary lounge has poured shots and hosted good times for the likes of James Brown and Ray Charles. You never who you may see on any given night in Atlanta, and the "new" Old 4th Ward looks and sounds like headquarters. Mikeflo and Devon serve up the same truth and the feeling is just as grand. It's definitely a ROYAL affair.

Lead singer, guitarist and producer Devon Lee is the 4th generation owner of the storied establishment. He is also the mastermind behind the ROYAL melody and sonic thump, while mikeflo's addition stretches the canvas even more with the lyrical brushstrokes of a proven emcee and vocalist. The combination of the two distinctively raises the creative bar. The multi genre mashups make for a wide pallet of sound and uniquely interactive shows from ROYAL...all while looking as cool as they sound.

Connect with Royal:

For more info please contact, 323.254.4027.