Reto A Ichi

Reto A Ichi

Prefuse 73 announces long-awaited release of ‘The Lapse Of Exchange / Alone Moving Often’ under new alias Reto A Ichi with single ‘No Juntos.’

Prefuse 73’s new project, inspired by the Japanese character Zaotichi, will be released as a double album on !K7 Records on 2 November.

"Reto is a different part of my mind from Prefuse 73,” says Guillermo Scott Herren. “It doesn't provide the implied gratification of a beat that drops the way a lot of Prefuse's music does. 'The Lapse of Exchange' was made in a sublet in the heart of Chinatown from which I moved to a place of extreme rural isolation and made 'Alone Moving Often'. With everything I've done musically, the changing of my environment has been a key factor in how I create and what I discovered making Reto, was that one can be isolated anywhere. Silence can be deafening.

Reto coming out, finally, feels like being able to play that moment in my life for the world, to give voice to that uncertainty and chaos that was so loud in my solitude. I am so grateful that, throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to create music that describes and satisfies all the different seasons of my life. Reto was a challenge, a release, and a liberation for me as an artist and I hope it can mean something to the listener in their own noisy silences."

From the 1971 Spanish translation of a popular Japanese film and TV character comes the inspiration for a strange and haunting series of sonic vignettes. Like the character from which it takes its name — Zatōichi, a blind masseur and gambler who is also a skilled swordsman — the music coalesced outside the familiar contexts of rhythms, genres and tropes. Written over a period of two years in the heart of New York City and the nearby countryside, the two albums that form the Reto A Ichi debut represent a return of sorts for their creator, Guillermo Scott Herren. Known for challenging norms and forging new paths as Prefuse 73, with this new project Herren hews closer to the light touches and compositional aspirations of early aliases like Delarosa & Asora and Savath & Savalas. But even those references only explain so much. Reto A Ichi is a project that aims far beyond the easy expectations of genre, instead seeking to draw listeners into the unexpected, blind but never without guidance.

Reto A Ichi is a sonic tabula rasa for Guillermo Herren. There are identifiable elements of the artist you already know — an uncanny sense for rhythm, an ability to shape samples and frequencies like clay, an affinity for the subtle changes of repetition — yet this is first and foremost music born from the need for silence. There is no easy entrance point or index for the listener. Like a blind swordsman, swinging at the air, you must simply feel your way in and let the music envelope you whole.

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