Rejoicer releases his new album Spiritual Sleaze today on Stones Throw Records


Rejoicer releases his new album Spiritual Sleaze today on Stones Throw. The follow-up to Energy Dreams (2018), Spiritual Sleaze sees the Tel Aviv-based producer and Raw Tapes founder drawing on his spiritual practice for his new collection of songs.

Rejoicer draws on a wider range of influences than ever. He cites Sun Ra and Aphex Twin; Steve Reich and Dabrye; Alchemist and Arvo Pärt; Eric Satie and Wu Tang Clan; Ebo Taylor and Scientist as inspirations for Spiritual Sleaze. The result is an album dense with lush textures, laid-back beats and complex instrumentation that could equally be described as jazz, hip-hop, and ambient without ever being one of those things.

The tension between melodic, easy-listening sounds and Rejoicer’s tendency towards improvisation inspired the album’s sound. Where Energy Dreams was “floaty”, Spiritual Sleaze is more “dirty and bouncy” while holding on to the earlier album’s dreamy, psychedelic vibe. Rejoicer says, “I wanted to have a bigger range of temperatures and atmospheres”, with Spiritual Sleaze encompassing a number of moods: blissful ambience on “Crystal Lagoon” and “There Is Time”; cosmic spirituality on “Pre Memory Circle” and “Heart Way or No Way (Chapeau)”; low-slung beats on “My Beans” and Jenny Penkin’s soulful vocals on “Lemons”.

Based in Tel Aviv, Rejoicer says, he’s acutely aware of the contrast in his life, as he is able to live peacefully and creatively only fifty miles from the terrible and violent occupation in Gaza. Though able to practice yoga and meditation, and pursue his creative process, he’s keen to point out that any spiritual practice is always underpinned by something more earthly and material.

Sessions for Spiritual Sleaze began in the Stones Throw Studios in Los Angeles, where Yuvi Havkin aka Rejoicer played with his Raw Tapes collaborator Nitai Hershkovits and Leaving Records bassist / producer Sam Wilkes. After returning home, Rejoicer recorded vocals from KerenDun, Jenny Penkin and iogi as well as instrumentalists — his brother Nomok, Yonatan Albalalk, Yonatan Levy and Ilan Volkov.

For Spiritual Sleaze’s visual universe, Rejoicer teamed up once again with his visual collaborator Jengo, whose artwork for the album was made to resemble alien rocks, coal from a different planet, or lucky stones — items of obscure natural origin that, much like Rejoicer’s music, leave meaning wide open to interpretation.

Praise for Rejoicer

“A highly creative producer who embraces the freedom to follow ideas naturally, Rejoicer is a rare talent who evolves with each release. Long may this continue.” Future Music 9/10 

“From Los Angeles via Tel Aviv, a heady concoction of J Dilla beats, new age synths and Sun Ra space trails.” Uncut

“Operating in the same realms as the Black Focus crew from London fused with experimental hip-hop spirit of the LA beat scene via the astral planes of Sun Ra and Laraaji.” Bleep

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  Spiritual Sleaze Tracklist

Moon Hike
Pre Memory Circle
Song for the Spirit Flights
Heart Way or No Way (Chapeau)
Up in Flames feat. iogi
Aura Sight
Earth Talk feat. Sam Wilkes
Crystal Lagoon
My Beans feat. KerenDun
The Pride, Oh, The Pride
No Bells Rang That Day feat. Nitai Hershkovits
Lemons feat. Jenny Penkin
Third Eye Jungle Run
Eagle in The Lodge
There is Time


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