Paulie Think

Paulie Think

Paulie Think is releasing a full length album with hip hop, folk-punk jams in English and Spanish titled Dunny’s Tamales on May 28th.  North American and Puerto Rican tour dates are coming soon!

Chicago punk-rock rapper Paulie Think began performing shows in 1989 singing in the punk band Not-Us. He put out his first rap demo on casette in 1992 under the moniker MC Think produced by Dave Ed from Neurosis. He began extensively touring the United States and Canada performing with hip-hop acts and punk bands. He put out many releases on casette, CD, and a 7" vinyl and 12" vinyl on Vinyl Communications Records that were distributed by Cargo Records.

During the late 90's and early 2000's Paulie DJ'd/MC'd drum n' bass and threw outlaw warehouse parties/raves. He was featured MC with Phantom 45 on the Jungle Book 3. Shortly after this, extreme addiction left him homeless for a winter in the streets of Chicago. In 2008 he got clean and sober and decided to change his name to Paulie Think with this new beginning and released the full length album titled "I Shot Paulie Think" on DIY Bandits.

Paulie Think got certified as a yoga instructor and set up programs for free yoga in the recovery community. In 2010 Think released the full length album "Feel This" on Fake Four Records and DIY Bandits. In 2012 he began working with Grammy nominated producer Spends Quality and released the album "Dunny Smash." In 2016 Paulie and his brother started No Trend Records together.

Think’s diverse sounds have offered him the opportunity to share the stage with such acts as De La Soul, Jawbreaker, Pharcyde, Leftover Crack, Gwar, Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Chumbawumba, and many more.