Niklas Paschburg

Niklas Paschburg

Niklas Paschburg’s second album ‘Svalbard’ releases today via 7K!, exactly 2 years since his debut ‘Oceanic’ was introduced to the world. It was written in the winter of late 2018 to 2019 on the Norwegian archipelago, far away from his birth place in Hamburg. The islands are isolated and their relatively rapid changing landscapes, display immediate and visible effects of climate change. These thoughts weigh heavily in the heart and mind of the 25 year-old artist, who’s process was enriched by the environment which he chose to write in.

Once Niklas had finished writing the record, he took these compositions to Andy Barlow of Lamb (U2, Fink and Willie Nelson). In Brighton they worked together and Andy recorded, produced and mixed ‘Svalbard’ it into its final state. It balances a turbulent outlook with peaceful embraces. A relationship inspired by the Norwegian archipelago - situated in the Arctic Ocean, a place where climate change - an issue dear to the German composer and his generation - is most evident.

‘Svalbard’ articulates the traces which these remote environments have left in Niklas’ mind -something pressing is present in the music, its urgency roams searching for sources of energy and relief. All these impressions come from a body of music which is both melancholic and positive, something to cradle us from anxieties, to make us both dance and run.

25.03 Paard - Den Haag (NL)
26.03 Kaap - Oostende (BE)
27.03 CC Diest – Diest (BE)
28.03 Gudden Welle, Luxemburg (LU)
29.03 Botanique, Rotonde – Brussel (BE)
01.04 Festival Variations - Nantes (FR)
21.04 Jazzkaar Festival - Tallinn (ET)
24.04 Deividas - Vilnius (LT
19.09 Elbphilharmonie Main Hall, Hamburg (Reeperbahn
24.10 Concertgebouw Amsterdam (Amsterdam Dance Event)

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