Nerve & Jojo Mayer

Nerve & Jojo Mayer


Following last year’s "Live in Europe" record, NERVE returned to their home base at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn to record their 3rd full length studio album, "Ghosts of Tomorrow”. This time the group explored some radical and unconventional approaches in the studio. The usual linear production process of composition, performance, editing and mixing often got deconstructed to a point where many of these production sequences took place in reverse order or even simultaneously. Improvisation was the overarching theme during the production of "Ghosts of Tomorrow”. Besides the aim to capture exiting performances, spontaneous deviations and accidents often became collaborators and compositional contributors.

This reflects NERVE's philosophy that in a cultural climate where rapid technological and social change make it increasingly difficult to plan ahead, creativity and improvisation will become the new strategy for cultural evolution.

At some point the production expanded beyond the predominantly instrumental format of NERVE, and incited the invitation of a number of guest vocalists from around the world such as Iranian superstar Mohsen Namjoo, Columbian singer Juliana Ronderos (Salt Cathedral), MC Xis from Brazil and others, with the results to be released as an accompanying EP of remixes and collaborations.

While quoting and assimilating influences from a multitude of creative music cultures from Footwork to Old School Jungle, Minimal House, Electro, and Break or Glitch Beats, "Ghosts of Tomorrow” aims to establish a high-energy and engaging musical narrative to describe emotional and aesthetic idealism in a time of cultural insecurity and perpetual change.

About NERVE:

In an era when a barren pop music culture appears doomed to perpetually recycle the 20th century, and when pressing "> play" while throwing a fist in the air qualifies as a performance, NERVE  has set out on a mission: to recalibrate our perception and reinstate our imperiled ability to discern between what’s real and what’s not. NERVE aims for an authentic 21st century expression that reclaims musical performance as a culturally informed art form.

NERVE evolved out of Jojo Mayer’s legendary party event, “Prohibited Beatz”, in NYC. Initially a platform for experimental interaction between DJ culture and live music, this collective eventually developed into a finely tuned group that crosspollinated the premeditated format of programmed electronic music with real time musical performance.

NERVE ultimately brings the early jazz tradition of improvisation, innovation, authentic expression and stylistic evolution to the digital age.

NERVE re-examines and transcends the relationship between human creativity and digital technology, and has created a new form of musical expression which is completely unique in the world today. At the heart of the group is their explosive and high energy live show, which has earned them an extremely loyal international fan base. NERVE sounds like electronic music, but it’s not. It doesn’t sound like jazz or rock, but it is.

NERVE operates completely independently, has produced and released 4 LP's and 5 EP’s, and has toured the USA, South America, Europe and Asia.

For more info, please contact, 323.697.5223.