Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X.

Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X.

Label: Ninja Tune





Zulu Guru is the first full-length collaboration from singer/songwriter Jesse Boykins III and producer/emcee MeLo-X. Both Jesse and MeLo-X have critically acclaimed self-released albums and duets.With Zulu Guru, they bring together a solid collection of songs that reflect and define a new direction in Hip Hop and R&B, both lyrically and musically. This new sound is rooted in traditional soul music, adding elements from multiple genres to serve a purely unique and honest look at modern romance. With Zulu Guru, Jesse and MeLo-X absorb influences from around the world into the production including Afro-Beat, West Indian, and Electronic Soul - expanding their brand and message wordlwide. Zulu Guru also features emerging singers Chris Turner and Mara Hruby, rapper MoRuf style mavensJoshua Kissi & Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette and wordsmiths KesedTrae Harris and Joekenneth Museau.


"The history of the ZuLu is one rich with stories of royalty, valor and the warrior spirit.  In an age of creative freedom through the use of social networks we have become warriors of free expression. Never bound by the shackles of genre, we travel and shift through musical landscapes breaking down barriers in the process. Our approach to music is similar to that of the spirited tribal warrior; conquering new land as we travel the world winning wars through romance. As we venture into a new level in our careers, we continue to embody the Zulu warrior spirit while elaborating on the romantic qualities in everyday life.


The greatest minds are the ones that connect wholeheartedly with their artistic visions and do all they can to make it reality. The Guru in us all simply craves evolution and tranquility which comes with experience, which is simply the process in which we become more and more true to ourselves: being able to acknowledge our flaws and mistakes and wrongdoings and grow for the better.


In this music there is honesty; pure understanding or putting forth the effort to understand the emotions that make us do what we do.  We write to express and highlight things within ourselves and our culture that we feel hold some sort of significance, good or bad. We deeply connect with the many cultures of the world, traveling and over-involving ourselves with awareness. This music we bring to you is a sonic form of connection, a humbling form of passion, and the advancement of art in form of romance."


-Jesse Boykins III x MeLo-X - ZULU GURU


About Jesse Boykins III


Jesse Boykins III is a singer / songwriter with a timeless sound. He is the creator of a new approach to music he calls “World Soul” in which he shares a point of view that crosses all genres, generations and cultures.


In early 2008, Jesse Boykins III released his debut EP Dopamine: My Life On My Back, a soulful narrative covering a range of emotions from infatuation to lust to obsession with love and the pain of love lost. His follow-up release The Beauty Created soon followed, a critically-acclaimed LP. The album boasts an unabashed admiration of romance intertwined with Jesse’s organic tone, innovative sound and live instrumentation. These successes landed him a Soul Train Award nomination and gave Jesse the chance to travel the world headlining the Romantic Movement Tour.


2011’s Way of a Wayfarer EP explores with even more depth the spiritual journey of the artist. While other collaborations with the likes of MachineDrum, Foreign Exchange, Theophilus London, Sinden, and Full Crate expanded his sound into new territory, he has kept up a steady pace of touring and partnerships, notably with Red Bull, Nike, and Apple. His newest project Zulu Guru is a collaborative effort with New York artist and fellow visionary MeLo-X to be released with Ninja Tune.


About MeLo-X


MeLo-X is an MC, DJ, producer, artist, and photographer from Brooklyn, New York. Having created a commanding body of work while establishing himself as one of NYC’s renaissance men, he has already toured the world independently and reached fans in creative metropolitan hubs like Berlin and London.


Since the release of his first mixtape Mustafa’s Renaissance in 2008, he followed up with the critically-acclaimed project More Merchin 2010 and a recent full-length instrumental album he dubbed Fewture. His remix of Maxwell's Grammy-award winning album BLACKsummersnight was a hit with fans and even Maxwell himself, and was later purchased by Sony Music Group while other remix work he did for The Weeknd further broadened his reputation.


Having amassed a cult-like following around the world, he is set to release Zulu Guru with Jesse Boykins III. He is also preparing to release his first full-length album entirely produced by himself in 2013.