Housse de Racket

Housse de Racket


“Brilliant, buoyant melodies like only the French know how to make…” The Guardian

“One of France’s hottest exports” Interview Magazine

On 30th October, French duo Housse De Racket unleash their third album, The Tourist, through Kuskus Records. Two years in the making – “two full years of contemplation, joy and doubt,” state the band – the LP consolidates the band’s dense sound and vast influences into something which is very much their own.

The band’s previous album, 2011’s Alesia, was their first to feature lyrics in English, and was produced by Philippe Zdar, who had previously worked with the likes of Beastie Boys, The Rapture, and Phoenix. With the album receiving critical acclaim from all corners of the globe, Housse De Racket promptly embarked on their first international tour.

Work began on The Tourist upon their return to Paris in 2013, as the band were suffering from the fatigue of touring, or as they call it, “selfie-stick blues.” The band describe the album as “a state of mind, a motionless journey,” and cite a wide range of inspirations for its songs: “We listened to Fleetwood Mac, Spacemen 3, XTC, Steel Pulse, Alan Vega, Ravel, Laurie Anderson, Miles Davis, Television…Everything we could get our hands on.”

So the slinky title track quotes Radiohead and The Beatles, before swerving into full-on arms-aloft rave territory, the mesmerising lead track ‘Turquoise’ is an expansive tour de force, and the Brian Eno-referencing, four-to-the-floor stomper ‘Encore’ even asks the listener “What happens when music’s over?” The brilliantly brooding ‘Interiors’ showcases the band’s softer side, as well as highlighting the unlikely inspiration of guitarist/vocalist Pierre Leroux’s new apartment, romantically located opposite a Paris landmark. As the band themselves put it, “How could we resist the Sacré-Coeur’s magnetic and hypnotic force?”

But the LP never sounds like an iPod playlist; Housse De Racket combine the sounds and locations that have affected them into a forty-minute masterclass in Gallic pop. The Tourist is the sound of a group returning home, having seen the world, and trying to make sense of it all.

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