Ensō Collective

Ensō Collective

Ensō Collective is set to release Loop on April 7th, 2015.

The multimedia album Loop by Ensō Collective is a collection of music, art, video, text and software, assembled by over 40 collaborators in nine different countries over five years.

Loop consists of eight main songs - the backbone of the project - as well as over 200 accompanying artworks in all the aforementioned media.

Grounded in the aesthetics of John Cage - via Zen and Fluxus - Loop is an exploration of the concept album in an age of de-centralized networks organic and technological – a Borgesian maze of aleatoric systems tending towards the interactive.

The music is an eclectic, postmodern assemblage of contemporary orchestral (from film scores to minimalism), experimental electronica (think classic Warp Records), and alternative styles - or as Sean Lennon put it: “Steve Reich meets Squarepusher.”

Loop comes in limited-edition packaging the size of a 10” record, which can be assembled into a three-dimensional sculpture, available in multiple colors. Each sculpture comes with a download code for the eight principal songs as well as a unique selection of content from the accompanying pieces - no two copies of Loop are the same.

Ensō Collective is a variable, international network of artists and designers. It is a collaborative production platform for the creative output of its members in various configurations.

Within Ensō, Parches serves as creative director and business manager. Helped at times by guests in different combinations, he performed, recorded and mixed most of the music on Loop, as well as guided the aesthetic of the project by curating and developing multimedia contributions, coordinating elements from around the world.

Parches (Mexico City, 1989) is a composer, producer, writer and multimedia artist. He moved to New York to attend the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, going on to earn production credits on records by Yoko Ono and Cibo Matto.

1. Piraña.(o)
2. Acoustic//Electric
3. On Slowing Down
4. e. Caballo
5. (to) Blood & Otherwise
6. Ran//Walk
7. Mountain to Flame
8. Piraña

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