Daylight Curfewis proud to announce the release of BCWTIOT - the debut full-length from Brooklyn experimental soul outfit, Ekha.

The group is comprised of singer/songwriter Thimali Kodikara and production duo Devang Shah & DJ Jad1.


Five years in the making, Ekha and BCWTIOT surfaced from a long friendship. Considering themselves more as family, the trio set out to create a record that could feel simultaneously raw, soulful and refined, but also represent their journey together. The album’s overall sound was meticulously crafted for a narrative that would transition from wildly exciting, to deeply personal and introspective.

Sinhala/London born-and-raised and now based in Brooklyn, Thimali Kodikara writes impassioned lyrics from the soul and delivers them with dynamism. Her influences for BCWTIOT have extended across Ralph Vaughan Williams' English symphonies, Marc Clair's 90’s London hardcore, Black Dice's Brooklyn noise and traditional East African folk music.

Gujarati/NY-born-and-raised producer Devang Shah has worked with the likes of TV On The Radio and Massive Attack. His unparalleled rhythmic style shines on every track of the album and can also be heard within his gorgeous, minimal solo compositions and earlier work with afro-punk outfit, Dragons of Zynth. His influences range from Enya to RZA to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

LA-based, by way of Brooklyn, multi-instrumentalist and producer DJ Jad1 is the other half of Ekha's production force. His work on texture, melody, and emotion in each Ekha composition is influenced by artists ranging from early DJ Premiere and DJ Shadow, to Philip Glass. His past productions include remixes of Daft Punk, Gold Panda, and El-P.

Each song has been named for a friend that influenced the record physically, emotionally or spiritually. BCWTIOT is the product of growth and change.

The textures and emotions throughout the record are deeply intimate- sometimes familiar, sometimes uncomfortable. BCWTIOT will walk you through a quiet, rainy field wtih “Roy”, an explosion of raw fire in “Loboy”, or heart-pulsating psychedelia in “Ahsanullah”. This record was designed to embrace, challenge, and celebrate what we all stand for.

For more info, please contact trevor@scorepress.com, 323.254.4027.