Dumi RIGHT: Doing It the Right Way


"If you keep it movin’, you’re gonna get there, there’s no regrets here, you know the destination is clear..."


Dumi RIGHT ( of legendary golden-era hip-hop group Zimbabwe Legit ) returns with a new album that offers fresh, insightful and complex rhymes and wordplay over a gritty soundscape of intricate beats. He serves up social commentary on the angst and frustration of these times, while remaining positive, earnest, and at times even playful to avoid being trite and nihilistic. The album title, speaks to a balanced approach to highlight the best of the art of rap and hip hop culture as demonstrated by a certified hip hop thought leader and underground denizen. Heavy on the beats and lyrics, light on the BS, that is how he is Doin It The Right Way.


On Doing It the Right Way , Dumi is joined by a cast of talented wordsmiths that include the Poem-cees , Toki Wright , Mr. Lif , MC Pep as well as hip hop luminaries Mike G of the Jungle Brothers and YZ who along with Dumi are part of a collective called the Great Mindz. The album also features a lost vocal appearance from one of Dumi's long time musical collaborators Cadence , who passed away a few years back but had also been working with Dumi to bring to life the concept of the Great Mindz super group. Two versions of the would-be theme song are included since both were dope as hell and choosing between the two was virtually impossible. Mike G and YZ were strong influences on Dumi as he came up and became involved in music so having them on the album was “truly a blessing.”


The album is further bolstered by an appearance by the legendary poet, activist and educator, Nikki Giovanni , who wrote and recites an amazing piece "All We Have is Time" as an outro to the album. Nikki Giovanni, who was one of Dumi's college professors at Virginia Tech (she also wrote him a graduate school recommendation), provides a ringing endorsement based on her tutelage of Dumi Right, né "Dumisani" that is a fitting way to end the record. Talk about being in esteemed company!


Doing It The Right Way also features the talents of some incredible vocalists with a singer named Sol appearing on "Just Another Day" and multi-talented singer Sariyah Idan on "I Will Not Turn Back" and "Prosperity." The hypnotic and hard-hitting tracks are supplied by a lineup of ill producers with which Dumi has collaborated over the years including, Hen Boogie , 80-M , Saint (Good People) and Trnk Jwlz .


Rather that providing a hopeless perspective emanating from a murky future, Doin' It the Right Way is progressive and uplifting even while discussing stark and often grim realities. His resolve resonates as evidenced by song titles like “Progress”, “Prosperity” or even “I Will Not Turn Back.”


On "Prosperity" Dumi muses, "Looks like the sky is fallin', you're just trying to rise above, in the midst of all the hate and you just want to rise above..." and then on "Go Get It", he raps, "Success is not automatic, you've got to make it a habit, if you fall, don't pack up, get back up, then go out there and grab it."


This latest release clearly demonstrates that over the years Dumi has continued to make progress and stay in step while remaining true to the culture and to himself by doing it the right way; eschewing fads and trends, never compromising principles and continuing to create entertaining, engaging and insightful music for the discerning listener.


"Void needs to be filled, soil needs to be tilled, We've had enough destroying now it's time to rebuild, Excuse the interruption, didn't mean to bust in, Forget these fools, let's get these tools and start the construction!" - “Progress”


Doing It The Right Way - Track Listing

1. Liberation Music **

2. Job's Completed * ft. The Poem-Cees

3. Prosperity +++ ft. Sariyah Idan

4. Progress +++ feat. Toki Wright and Kane

5. Just Another Day ** ft. Sol and Pep

6. Great Mindz [Saint Remix] *** ft. Cadence (Raw Produce), Mike G (Jungle Brothers) & YZ

7. I Will Not Turn Back + ft. Sariyah Idan

8. Nightfall [Saint Remix *** ft. Mr. Lif

9. Mission Accomplished ++ ft. Pep

10. Ya Think? ** ft. Pep

11. Go Get That *** ft. The Good People (Emskee and Saint)

12. Great Mindz [80-M Remix] ** ft. Cadence (Raw Produce), Mike G (Jungle Brothers) & YZ

13. The Armour ++

14. All We Have is Time by Nikki Giovanni


* produced by Trnk Jwlz

** produced by 80-M

*** produced by Saint

+ produced by Hen Boogie

++ produced by Nagra Beats

+++ produced by Youngcee