A strictly limited 10″ vinyl single containing two of the rarest tracks from the mix will be available exclusively via !K7’s online store and Bandcamp.

A1. Index – Starlight (The Break)
B1. Verticle Lines – Theme From Beach Boy

All physical orders from the !K7 store and bandcamp will include a custom DJ-Kicks tote bag.

A lot of folks feel like they know DâM-FunK; he is laid-back, affable and personable but to truly get the guy, I mean really understand him, is to know a deep love of music like no other. A more suitable reflection of this is his contribution to the beloved DJ-Kicks series. A snapshot into the mind of the pioneer of Modern-Funk music…get to know the man behind the shades.
Many the world over are familiar with his DJ sets - from Singapore to San Francisco, Moscow to Montreal. Known as one of the more generous DJ's touring today, Dam graciously shares sounds and songs both rare and unique on the mic to packed crowds. Going above and beyond he's been known to announce the artist, record label and year of release of unknown records to a full club (some becoming international go-to records for DJs now). He makes a lifetime of digging and absorbing music feel as laid-back as the Santa Ana breeze.
If you're lucky enough to be in L.A. and get over to his residency Funkmosphere you'll see it first hand - Dam and his Funkmo DJs bring a new authenticity to Funk sets.  Celebrating it's 10th year running strong, Funkmosphere is one of the top go-to's for nightlife in Los Angeles. Here on Dam's DJ-Kicks we see the Funkmosphere rubric in take-away form .. easier said than done.
Take the fantastic Crystal Winds DJ-Kicks-closer states: "Funk Ain't Easy" and in every practical sense 2015 was no doubt the 'Year Funk Broke'. On a major commercial level all the way to the most homespun of boutique labels, the Grammys to the darkest corners of Vaporwave, there was no shortage of artists expressing and experimenting in the Funk.
Some years before the essential DâM-FunK tome 'Toeachizown' dropped he introduced a concept to the growing masses trying to classify his prowess for wax and multilayered synth-style productions. It's here he penned and popularized the term 'Modern-Funk'. Well, it's seems to have took. In the context to his DJ-Kicks, Dam makes it plain, "Modern-Funk is a combination of all the sounds on the mix: Funk, Boogie, Electro, House, Modern-Soul, Ambient tones… a push and pull of nostalgia and progressiveness…"
At a satisfying 19 songs, Dam lets grooves breath, this is a mix to happily get lost within. It's a document in vibe. Unexpected contemporary joints from low-key producers like Henning and L33 mingle with lost gems from unlikely places. 80's Fusion-Jazz guitarist Tony Palkovic on "True To Yourself" follow the the airy-burn of new-age ensemble Gaussian Curve's "Broken Clouds" or the super rare bliss-Funk of "Theme From Beach Boy" from 1982. Dam's excellent collaboration with Nite Jewel, as 'Nite-Funk' on "Can U Read Me?" is pure bliss and such a fantastic collaboration you'd be yearning for more., reminding listens that one of Dam's biggest assists is his duality from master DJ to trend-setting producer. And we get this heavy on Dam's DJ-Kicks exclusive "Believer". Sheets of synth lines fall all around a locking drum program that starts off innocently enough but ends you in a half-hypnotic state. An extensive instrumental composition that on it's own could only be classified as signature Modern-Funk. There may be a lot of folks dabbling but there really is only one Damon.
Let's take a midnight spin in the vehicle of this unassuming new genre. For the sake of accuracy we'll call it a 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix - the ride DaM usually pulls up to Funkmosphere in. So, put your seat back a bit this is one of those sunglasses at night type rides.

CD tracklist
01. Moon B - Oof
02. Nicci Gable - Close To Who?
03. Randell & Schippers - Love Jam
04. Verticle Lines - Theme From Beach Boy
05. Brandon - Suzy Hijack
06. Take Three - Tonite’s The Night (All Right)
07. Index - Starlight
08. Uncle Jams Army - Dial-A-Freak
09. Gemini - Log In
10. Nexus - Stand Up (Instrumental)
11. Reggie B - Poison Candy
12. L33 - Keepin It Tight
13. Gaussian Curve - Broken Clouds
14. Tony Palkovic - True To Yourself
15. Henning - Arrival / Departure
16. Nite-Funk - Can U Read Me?
17. DaM-FunK - Believer
18. True Design - I Wanna Break
19. Crystal Winds - Funk Ain't Easy


6           Oberlin, OH - Oberlin College
12         Joshua Tree, CA - Joshua Tree Music Festival
14         Los Angeles - L.A. Family School benefit

2          London - Jazz Cafe
3          Amsterdam - Paradiso Noord - Tolhuistuin
4          Barcelona - Primavera Sound
5          Paris - We Love Green Festival

2          Okinawa, Japan Corona Sunsets Festival

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