Cloudeater began in 2009 as an unlikely collision of musical fragments particularly influenced by the cultural landscape of their home base, Atlanta, Georgia. The band laid its groundwork by fearlessly melding compelling organic drumming, effected bass, freaked-out guitars and atmospheric synths and electronics with soaring vocals to explore, in earnest, big ideas and the accompanying emotional worlds. Relatable words and the uniquely Atlantan texture helped Cloudeater begin carving a genre-suspending niche nearly from the band's inception.

2010's EP, Greatest Tragedy, a beta test of the beginnings of Cloudeater's aesthetic mission, set in motion a fan base expanding in size and in loyalty. The stylistic versatility across the EP later led to nods from popular artist Wale in the form of a repurposing of the song "Sabotage" for his Gold-selling album Ambition as well as 2012's original collaboration track entitled "Faces". As a follow up to Greatest Tragedy, 2011 saw the release of Sun and Sidearm, a 7-song EP that stretched the possibilities of the band's developing skills in marrying R&B vocal sensibilities with dense textures, heavy rhythms and organic-electronic instrumentation.

Following the internet surge of the Wale collaborations and the growing appreciation for Sun and Sidearm, Cloudeater's fan base started to grow nationally and tours began to lead to places like New York, Austin for SXSW and even the Bahamas for a secret show thrown by Nassau promoters The No Hit Wonders.

In late 2012, a small handful of the many songs that the band had written made their way to producer Guillermo Scott Herren aka Prefuse 73. Herren took an instant liking to the material and after weeks of careful listening he provided notes on what tracks he thought would make a strong album. With most of the essential pieces in place, the band finished recording these songs and delivered them to Herren to finish post-production work and mixing in New York.

The result of the collaboration with Prefuse 73 is Cloudeater's latest effort, Purge. The album depicts a crystallization of the Cloudeater universe as evidenced by the continued exploration of post trip-hop aesthetic sensibilities and the maturation of lyrical themes while still keeping in tact the accessibility that continues to inspire fans worldwide. The title track "Purge" frames the existential limits of the physical body through images of an apocalyptic event. "Hedron" captures the complexities of changes in personality and perception with unfolding lyrics, a lifting chorus and a feel that reminds the listener of the post-rock and trip-hop influences that the band draws from. Possibly the most explicit offering on the album, "Lethal", excavates the immense pains and pleasures of a problematic relationship through a danceable drum pattern, ghostly atmospheres and pulsing, fuzzy bass.

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