Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace

Parisian electronic alchemists Caravan Palace announce the release of their new explosive album Chronologic on August 30th 2019, along with a full North American tour starting September 2019.

Following on from the huge success of their last studio album, 2015’s <I°_°I>, could have seemed quite the task for the band. With its fusion of hedonistic house and old school jazz, <I°_°I> has now sold more than ¼ million copies and featured huge viral hits in the singles "Wonderland" and “Lone Digger,” the latter of which is about to be become the band’s first Gold Record in the USA.

These accomplished musicians are also studio geeks, and the band hunkered for two years in their basement Parisian studio, relentlessly testing new formulae, looking for unanimous approval between themselves before unleashing their work on the public.They did not want to walk the same roads, opened themselves up to the moment, retaining their eagerness to have fun smashing musical barriers and infusing vintage elements in their modern work.

Broadening the sonic palette, the early big band feel of previous records now shares the stage with a production firmly rooted in electronic music, and Chronologic introduces new influences ranging from bossa and soul to hip-hop. The result is a record that is joyous, high-spirited and so distinctly Caravan Palace. For the first time, the band has also invited a selection of guest singers to appear in their music, adding to the texture and widening appeal of their sound.

Initial singles from Chronologic have only raised expectations.  Earlier this year, the single "Miracle" unveiled a poppier side. With its disco groove and inclusive lyrics, the track was well received by their ever growing fanbase as well as radio such as Annie Mac’s BBC1 show or on KCRW, where it became Today’s Top Track. Alongside its audacious video, "Miracle" has so far accumulated over 20 million streams on all platforms. The second single "About You," which is also the first to feature outside talents courtesy of vocalist Charles X, is has notched up nearly 1 million Spotify streams in the month since its release.

The musical virtuosity of the band combined with their panache, flair and genuine joy in performing live is evident at their awe-inducing sold out headline shows. Not only are Caravan Palace stunning the live scene, they are one of the most viral acts in the digital world with statistics rising at an extraordinary rate; 2.1 million video uploads and over 2 billion streams for "Wonderland" on on TikTok (world’s most downloaded app), 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, +¼ billion Spotify streams, 1.1 million YouTube subscribers, 200 million YouTube plays of the "Lone Digger" official video adding to 479 million total YouTube official channel streams.