Buster Moe

Buster Moe


Sweden’s young heart and old soul, Buster Moe unveils third single “Good Kinda Crazy” fresh off the heels of successful lead single, “Shoot Me.”

"Swedish crooner Buster Moe is likely not on your radar yet but I have a feeling he’s going to be a household name soon enough." Mass Appeal

Introducing Buster Moe, the voice of modern soul. The 24-year old singer/songwriter emerges from the fertile Swedish circuit with a solid agenda for timeless music.  PRMD Music is rolling out a series of singles leading up to the September release of the Good Kinda Crazy EP.

The debut single ‘Shoot Me,’ has already set the tone charting on Spotify Top 50 Viral Charts. A tarnished love story set to the backdrop of a perky musical canvas, the juxtaposition of Buster’s recollection of a destructive relationship and the upbeat melodies of the single paints a vivid picture for this intense and personalised musical journey.

“Good Kinda Crazy” is a pop centric summer smash about being yourself. From the heartfelt “Little Sister” to the radio ready “Down,” Buster Moe delivers pop driven soul gems.

According to Buster the inspiration behind the six pack of songs on the debut EP “is organic and has influences from old music. I still love that feeling when you hear a song and it catches your attention and your first thought is ‘What is this? This doesn't sound like anything else around these days.’”

Buster Moe slays on the live show tip. “Playing the recent festivals and showcases has been a dream come true!” says Buster. Watch “I’ll Be Fine” video for a taste of what is to come on select U.S. dates this fall.

Buster’s first formal release, an alternative take on Cypress Hill’s “Insane In The Brain” as part of Cold Chilling: Compton release, garnered more than 1.5m streams and peaked at #3 in the Swedish and #5 in the Spotify global viral charts, with media support coming from the likes of LA Times, High Snobiety and Nylon Magazine.

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About PRMD Music:

PRMD Music is a brand synonymous with creative evolution. Pronounced ‘Pyramid,’ the past three years has seen the imprint expand far beyond the remits of electronic music, scoping new and exciting talent from all corners of the industry. 2016 sees the label continue to expand in new and exciting directions, making leaps and bounds with Swedish hip-hop artist, iSHi, and modern soul prospect, Buster Moe. In addition to playing home to one of Sweden’s biggest dance exports to date, AVICII, the label has shown an ability to break artists with lasting impact. With Swedish duo Cazzette collectively streaming more than 240m times to date and scoring two Billboard Dance #1s under the label’s watchful eye, PRMD Music’s ICONS sub label continues to channel the cutting edge of electronic music, with such acts as Hotel Garuda, Syn Cole and Tundran.

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