Discover the warrior-artist breaking through to reveal the delicate complexities of our indigenous people; their traditions, their present reality, and their increasing influence on Hip Hop culture as we know it. Meet El Paso born Chicano-Native emcee – Artson. To understand the man behind the movement, take a journey through the music on his three upcoming projects. 

Reverse Through Time (out March 4th) is a look back into the street life he once lived, now told to heal old wounds and make amends. War Cry (out April 8th) reflects a man in transition, awaking to a greater purpose through Hip Hop, but still walking the narrow line between his street life past and his dream of a better future. On E.A.R.T.H. (out May 6th), Artson brings us full circle, reconnecting to the spirit of his ancestors and bringing them back to life through Hip Hop, owning his place in the world, and standing tall with his Native brothers to claim their place in Hip Hop history.

Full bio on Artson:

Artson has always had a love for the arts of Hip Hop. Born and raised in El Paso, TX, it was the dance that first caught his eye and opened the doors to the culture that would eventually transform him and become his life. He first discovered B-boying (breakdancing) on the basketball courts, parks, and streets of nearby neighborhoods where he grew up.

Being a true student of Hip Hop and needing to find additional channels to quell an endless pool of creativity, he also began expressing himself through graffiti and emceeing in his early teens. After appearing on stage for the first time a few years later, he fell in love with rockin’ the mic for the masses, and his quest to be a musical artist was born.  In the mid 90s, Artson and some friends got their first set of musical equipment; a four track, a sampler, and a mic. Recording, sampling, and buying records became part of their daily ritual. They later moved to Las Vegas in pursuit of bigger stages. 

They released their first EP as The Path titled, "The Path Least Taken." The album was distributed independently at Hip Hop events and local music stores throughout the city.  The trio parted ways to follow personal interests, leaving their sophomore album unreleased.  Artson continued to record music as a solo artist for the next several years.   

In 2002, he opened a recording studio and created and his own record label, Death Valley Entertainment, which consisted of himself and three other artists.  Then in 2004, Artson released his first solo album, “Save the World, If Only I Could.” It was a deeply personal and emotional album, but it did not receive much critical praise.  Shortly after, creative differences and personal disputes surfaced within the Death Valley camp, leading Artson to return to the studio – solo.  Around then, he found himself spending more time focusing on b-boying.  His dedication to the dance led to his initiation into the legendary and world famous Rock Steady Crew.

After taking some time to reflect on his solo album, Artson sought the help of his longtime friend, Quali-D, to refine his sound. With Quali-D’s help, Artson released “Save the World, part 2.” The sophomore effort was composed of a number of remixed songs from the first album along with some new material, and featured influential producers and emcees Quali-D pulled into the project, including freestyle legend Craig G, Tash of the Alcoholics, Wildchild, and Planet Asia.  With raw Hip Hop, jazzy, and soulful, melodic tracks, the collabo resulted in an album that truly had something for everyone and earned Artson the indie beat in Vibe, the indie 500 in Scratch, and the indie shot in Mugshot magazines.

The last EP released by this Chicano Native emcee in 2011, I Was Missing, reached deep into the music and his heritage to revive the people. With boom bap classics and Hip Hop anthems that tap into his culture with Native American flute and beatboxing, the album uplifts, inspires and reminds us of why we fell in love with Hip Hop music.  That same year, Artson left Rock Steady
Crew to start a new chapter in his dancing career, taking his place amongst Quali-D and their b-boy brothers in Style Elements Crew.

Since the release of I Was Missing, Artson has spent the last few years traveling throughout the West Coast and Southwest performing and hosting Hip Hop events. Full of inspiration from his journeys, Artson is ready to release several new EP’s, each expressing a different era of his life that’s led to the evolution of the artist he is today. 

He currently lives in Los Angeles and continues to travel throughout the world performing and giving back to the community by throwing bboy competitions and Hip Hop festivals designed to educate the youth about Hip Hop culture and preserve the arts. Having graduated from pupil to teacher, Artson professes to always remain a student of Hip Hop culture.

“I’ll sleep when I stop dreaming. “ – Artson 

For more info please contact, 323.254.4027.