Andrea Superstein

Andrea Superstein

Andrea Superstein is a Vancouver based singer songwriter and vocalist. She began her budding career in musical theatre, where she was introduced to the jazz standards of the Great American Songbook. She also took a shine to the sweet harmonies of 50’s doo wop, the ethos of the 60’s folk movement, and the driving rhythms of early soul. These are the key elements that make up Superstein’s unique approach to songwriting and performance.

Superstein’s latest offering, Worlds Apart showcases her true gifts as vocalist, composer and arranger. The album consists primarily of original music in 3 languages (English, French, Hebrew), rounded out by classic standards. It celebrates her upbringing in Quebec, current home in Vancouver, and her own Jewish heritage. With jazz luminary Elizabeth Shepherd as producer and co-arranger, the new record brings Superstein’s fresh, modern ideas to the forefront.

The album’s themes explore the nature of relationships in the modern age. In a world where we are becoming more and more disconnected from each other, where reliance on technology is simultaneously increasing our accessibility to reach each other and decreasing our access to impactful human contact. The album begs the question: how can we come closer together?

“With Worlds Apart I wanted to deliver something more personal by examining the specific timely issues we face in being connected in a modern world. Each of these identities simultaneously exist in conflict and in symbiosis a concept that fascinates me on a sociological level. This contrast is not only explored in the lyrics but also reflected in the harmonic structure and the songs’ arrangements.”

Superstein enlists the talents of other Alist Canadian musicians including: Michael Occhipinti (guitar) John Roney (piano, organ), RemiJean Leblanc (bass), Jacques KubaSeguin (trumpet), Mark Nelson (drums), Eveline Rousseau (harp), Erik Hove (saxophone) and Bryan Deans (cello.)

On stage, Superstein commands every room she plays. She conducts an unforgettable musical experience with a combination of humour, razorsharp wit, a gift for the gab, and a sincere connection with her audience. Superstein’s debut at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, earned her a nomination for a Galaxie Rising Star in 2010. She shared the stage with Canadian female heavyweights Laila Biali and Brandi Disterheft.